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Privacy and cookies notice

Privacy and cookies notice Cleinsight is an ethical user of personal data. Without the trust of everyone who answers our questions, we could not produce the research that helps our clients make better decisions. The security of your personal data is important to us, too.
What this page covers
As an organisation that relies on the use of data, Cleinsight is responsible for collecting and using your data in a responsible and safe way, and that starts with clearly telling you how we collect, use and protect

your personal data.  This privacy notice sets out:
What kind of personal data we may collect from you;
How and why we collect and use your personal data;
Why we may share personal data within Cleinsight and with other organisations;
and The rights and choices you have when it comes to your personal data.

Cleinsight is made up of a number of services, each of which separately controls the data provided to it by our panellists and those who otherwise participate in surveys or browse our website (each, a “user” and collectively, the “users”).  This means we choose why and how that data is processed.   Personal data we collect Data that we collect from you When you interact with our website or take part in Cleinsight  surveys, you provide us with the data that powers our business.  While there are certain data that you must provide to use some of our services, such as account details, when you join Cleinsight , you control how much data you share with us.  Whether you only want to complete certain surveys, or all of them – it’s your choice.   When you create a Cleinsight account you will have the opportunity to earn points for completing surveys and other activities that might be turned into rewards once you have reached certain milestones. The points awarded for each completed activity will depend on a number of factors, such as time and the type of information you provide. We will only retain your personal data for as long as we need to in order to fulfil the uses we describe in this notice (unless you ask us to delete your data, which is explained in the section about your rights).  Please note that we may transfer your information and transfer it to group companies and service providers located in other countries. Please note that refusing to provide certain information may impact your ability to join Cleinsight and take part in surveys, and that by asking us to delete your personal data you will no longer be able to participate in surveys. When you register with Cleinsight , we collect: Contact details such as your email address.  Referral partner IDs, if you arrived on our website by clicking a ‘Join Cleinsight’ advertisement online, or a link in an email from one of our recruitment partners (we only use this to track recruitment effectiveness and to pay our partners) Your Facebook ‘Likes’, but only if you choose to register with Cleinsight using Facebook Connect and give Facebook permission to share this information with us during that process When you answer questions in surveys, or on our website or mobile apps, or partner network we collect: Your opinions on topical issues, companies and brands Information about your behaviours, for example what shops you like to shop in, what TV shows you have recently watched, or what kind of things you own Device and browser “metadata” (basically an audit trail of your device and browser use), including IP address, the make, model and operating system of the device you have used and browser type (this data is collected automatically when you answer questions in surveys or browse our website or mobile apps) Demographic data, such as your age, gender, and general economic and household information When you contact us or interact with our website or social media pages, we collect: Any personal data that you may you provide about yourself, including your name and contact details and the conversation history of our communications with you Any comments you make on our website or social media pages, and whether you have chosen to ‘follow’ any other Cleinsight member on our website When you redeem points, we collect: Your bank account details so we can pay you Your mobile number for redeeming reward    Sensitive personal data Some of the data that you provide us may be considered to be ‘sensitive’ under applicable data protection laws, such as your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or information concerning your health or sexual orientation.  For example, during a survey, we may ask whether you regard yourself as belonging to a particular race or religion.  We use this information in the same way we use other information we collect, but the law may require that we have your consent to collect and use it. When you join the Cleinsight panel, you are prompted to check a box confirming that you agree to the privacy notice and terms and conditions governing your Cleinsight membership. By checking that box and continuing your registration, you are consenting to sharing sensitive personal data with us, and to us processing, disclosing or transferring this information in accordance with this privacy notice.  If you are not a member of the Cleinsight panel, you will give your consent by answering the relevant questions within our surveys. Personal data collected from other sources We may also use personal data you have shared with us to derive additional information from other sources: Public sources: for example, we may compare your postcode against public registers to determine that you live in a certain province, city or country. Data matching partners: we may purchase data from companies that help us to categorize our panellists’ data into groups or ‘segments’ based on a classification of consumers devised by the data matching partner. Other companies that sell data: we may purchase data from companies that sell certain types of data that are valuable to us.  In these cases, we will either match the data to our own ourselves, or will pass personal data to these companies to enable them to match it on our behalf, and pass it back to us.  As with our other service providers, we have contractual safeguards in place to ensure that these companies delete the data once the match has been completed and do not disclose or use the data for any other purpose. You may still receive invitations to participate in our research activities if you have not joined Cleinsight.  In these cases, we will have received your email address either from a client, or we’ll have acquired it from an organization that maintains databases of contact details so that companies like Cleinsight can contact you.  We only send emails where we have representations from those providing the email addresses that the recipient (that’s you) has agreed to receive third-party (e.g. from Cleinsight) communications, and we will always tell you where we’ve got your details from and give you the option to opt-out of receiving further emails from us. How and why we use your personal data, and who we share it with Uses of personal data for basic market research We use the data that you share with us, or that we receive from the other sources mentioned above, to give you the best experience possible, and to provide useful research for our clients.  The uses we describe below form the basic agreement we have with our panellists. We use personal data to… For example… Register, authenticate and administer your account If you register with the Cleinsight panel, we will use your email address and authenticate your identity each time you log on, and your account details to help us to answer your questions when you contact us Select and invite you to participate in Cleinsight’s research activities If a client wanted to know what people who live in a certain region and demographic think about something, we will use your other demographic data to determine whether you qualify for a particular project, and then use your name and email address to invite you to participate in a survey Credit you with the points and rewards that you earn from participating in research opportunities We will use your mobile number or bank account details to pay you if you convert your points into rewards.  Produce aggregated and anonymous research for our clients Once we’ve gathered your survey answers, we combine them with answers from other respondents and turn them into valuable insights for our clients, either in the form of statistical spreadsheets or aggregated reports.  Some of your answers go directly into our major global brand tracking product and our segmentation and planning.  Our clients access these tools to create their own aggregated insights – they don’t see anything that identifies you Produce anonymized but non-aggregated respondent-level data for clients We may provide our clients with spreadsheets that contain each of your survey answers; these data sets are not aggregated but do not reveal your identity and recipients are contractually bound to not attempt to re-identify the individuals who provided the answers Create articles and other content for our website We use survey responses to write interesting articles that may be published on our website or included in news articles on third party websites Develop and improve our services We use your survey responses to improve our research tools and methods, which helps us ensure that we are giving you and our clients the best possible experience Respond to you when you exercise any of your rights relating to the data we hold about you  We will use your account information and internal identifiers to identify the data that is relevant to your request and respond to you Detect and prevent fraudulent activity We use your IP address to ensure your location matches the location of the panel that you joined, and we sometimes repeat questions during surveys to check for inattention or other indicators of poor quality responses __________________________________________________________________________ In order to use your personal data in the ways described above, we may share it within Cleinsight, with trusted third parties who provide services to us, and on rare occasions with clients. Here is some more information about the types of organization and what we may share with them: Cleinsight companies Cleinsight is a global organization.  This means that some of the personal data that we collect may be transferred within the Cleinsight companies, for example when a client wants to run a survey in multiple countries, or our global data teams analyze data from across our global panel. Our clients Our business is built on providing clients with anonymized research insights. On occasion, our clients may ask to combine your survey responses with their own data to obtain even greater insights.  In such cases, you will be asked in the relevant survey if you are willing to provide certain identifying data (such as your email address or a social media handle) to our clients to enable this.  Whether you share this data or not is completely up to you – if you do not want to provide the requested data, it will have no impact on the points you can earn or your participation in future research opportunities. Our service providers We work with trusted service providers that carry out certain functions on our behalf so we can provide our services to you.  These organizations process data on our behalf. They only have access to the personal data that they absolutely need to provide the specific service to us, and in all cases, we have contractual safeguards in place to ensure that they do not disclose or use it for any other purposes. In some cases, these organizations (for example our payment processors) may need to process your personal data for their own specific purposes, for example, to ensure they are compliant with regulations or laws governing their own sectors. Our service providers fall within the following categories: Processors of cash payments, gift cards and other incentives Data collection technology providers Cloud data storage Data centre storage  Communications platforms and technologies Online advertising Other companies that sell data As described above, we may purchase data from companies that sell certain types of data that is valuable to us.  In some cases, we will pass personally identifiable information to these companies to enable them to match these data sets on our behalf, and pass that matched data back to us.  As with our other service providers, we have contractual safeguards in place to ensure that these companies delete the data once the match has been completed and do not disclose or use the data for any other purpose. Other organisations These circumstances are unusual, but we may share personal data with other organisations if: we have to share your information to comply with legal or regulatory requirements (or we reasonably believe that we need to disclose your information for such purposes); we need to share personal data in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights, including with our legal and other professional advisors; we restructure our business or if we buy or sell any business or assets we may share your data with the prospective buyer or seller; all or substantially all of our company assets are acquired by another party, your data will be one of the transferred assets   If you don’t want us to make use of your personal data in any of the ways described above, sharing your data with YouGov and using our services is not for you – you should unsubscribe here, or contact us and ask us to do that for you.  We need to use your data in these basic ways to be able to give your opinions meaning in the world, and to conduct the research that allows us to exist as a business.

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