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The Wild World of Gamification Drivers

“Left Brain vs Right Brain, White Hat vs Black Hat, and the Hidden Ninth…

Guide to Gamification for Feedback and Leads

As businesses strive to remain competitive in an ever-changing market, the importance of customer…

Trivia Games as a Part of Gamification

In recent years, trivia games as a part of gamification have become popular little…

The Psychology & Motivation Behind Gamification

As humans, we all love games. Whether it’s playing board games, competing in video…

Swipe-Feedback Forms: How to Improve User Experience

If you’ve ever used a mobile app or website, chances are you’ve been asked…

Future Proofing Your Customer Feedback Collection

Customer feedback is the backbone of a successful brand. It is the undisputed source…

Customer Attraction and Retention Through Gamification

How Game Design Elements Drive Positive Customer Behavior Gamification is becoming a popular strategy…

The Zero-Party Data Revolution

Have you ever heard of zero-party data? Zero-party data is customer data that is…

"Issue QR King analytics better understanding my audience and what converts them."

Luke Kidgell,