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by admin
by admin

Cleinsight conducted a verified survey for a2i to gather feedback regarding the satisfaction level of 333 helplines.

333 Helpline

333 is the government helpline of Bangladesh. It is committed to providing information on Bangladesh government services and taking complaints on social issues including child marriage, sexual harassment etc. .


The aim of the survey was to find out citizens’ satisfaction regarding the service quality of the 333 helpline and net promoter score.

What Cleinsight did

The survey form was shared with around 1000 participants. They were asked to give their phone numbers to verify if they had called 333 helplines. Among the 1000 participants, about 400 were verified and were able to proceed with the survey. The verification was done through an API connection with the a2i database. The participants were reached through social media and the Cleinsight user network. The survey had a gamified approach where participants earned points that they could use to redeem mobile data packs. As the number of the participants were verified it assured the quality of the data gathered was authentic and gave a non-biased outlook. Based on the participants’ data available to a2i along with the response to the survey Cleinsight was able to give detailed information regarding the satisfaction level of different topics of call along with the relation between the demography of the call and the satisfaction level.