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Capture your audience’s attention at every step of your customer journey

Cleinsight was founded by a dynamic trio of experts: Dara, Nasheet, and Abu. They were driven by a passion for helping businesses modernize and become sustainable, and a love for all things tech and gaming. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, the team at Cleinsight focuses on transforming the way brands understand, engage, and communicate with their target audience.
One of the ways they do this is through the use of Gamified Experience (GX) across the customer journey. The team uses GX individually or in combination to create a holistic view of the customer and target audience. This enables a two-way gamified communication experience between the brand and audience, building trust and understanding of their needs, which forms the foundation of the brand’s success. It’s like turning your customer journey into a game of Mario Kart and your customers are Mario, with their journey being filled with coins, power-ups, and of course, the occasional blue shell.
With the help of the robust GX architecture and the expertise of the Cleinsight team, businesses can gather valuable insights and improve the quality of their products and services, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately driving business growth. So why not give it a try and see if you can beat your competitors and come out as the Mario Kart champion of customer engagement? Want to learn more, get in touch.

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Create a bridge between your customer and brand

Create a holistic view of your customers and target audience with our robust GX architecture. Gamified Experience (GX) enables two-way gamified communication between your brand and audience, building trust and understanding to drive success.


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Luke Kidgell,